I love taking Headshots.

You and I working together, exploring, discovering that comfort level that will let you express your inner being, and then capturing it in a perfectly lit and designed photo that represents your quintessential self. It is incredibly satisfying, this headshot biz, because it's more than taking a nice photo, it's about capturing what makes you, you. What do you say? Come by my studio. Let's craft that perfect image. And have a blast doing it! 

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


P.S. I offer a 30 Day, 110% Guarantee. If you don't like your photos, contact me within 30 days, and I'll give you more money back than what you paid! No questions asked. That's how confident I am that you're going to love your new photos.  So...nothing to lose. :) Email:  andrew@andrewruth.com


How many photos will we take?

A ton! But what's more important than the number of photos is the thought that goes into taking each one. Together we're crafting that perfect image -- the one that's going to get you called in over and over -- and we won't stop until we have it. 

Do I need hair and makeup?

Simply put, yes. Even guys too. Now that doesn't mean you need to get a hair and makeup professional to join us (though that is awesome), but you need to touch yourself up to look your best. With Headshots, less is more, and when you come in we can figure out what's right together.

What type of clothes are best?

Simple is better. Solids, subtle patterns. Consider colors that bring out your eyes -- after all, the eyes are the most important element in a Headshot. Don't wear collars that are too large or distracting. Don't wear jewelry that draws too much attention. 

How long will it take to get my Headshot?

Almost immediately! Really it's just waiting on uploading and downloading speeds. After all, we will be taking hundreds of photos -- of which you're getting ALL of them -- so it'll take a bit to transfer!

Do my photos need to be edited?

Heck Yea! Taking the photo is only half of the process! In this ultra-competitive market, all photos need to be edited before they're going to get you called in. AER Images doesn't offer photo editing services; however, a list of approved editing services will be provided upon request. Often my clients have their photos edited through the same service where they're printed.

Are you available to talk so I can see if your service is right for me?

Of course! I offer FREE consultation! Getting a great image starts with feeling comfortable. Give me a call and let's chat. 512-784-5358.

Is it really a 30 day, 110% Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, for real. Your time is money. If you aren't satisfied with your Headshots, you deserve to be paid for the time you spent. Also I know choosing a headshot photographer can be a stressful process. I'm all about taking away the stress. Now, there's nothing to risk! And, of course, I know you'll be thrilled with your photos! :)

How do I book a session?

Just send me an email (andrew@andrewruth.com) or give me a call (512) 784-5358, and we'll get your headshot session scheduled ASAP!